Biovet Pvt Ltd Bangalor, a 1000Sqmt facility for Microbiology, Analytical and Pilot Scale BSL3 Containment facilities.

1000Sqmt facilities of 3 labs built as TriLabs (Microbiology, Analytical Lab and Pilot Scale BSL3 Containment facility). The Lab is constructed with modular panels, chiller, AHUs, Air distribution system. Decontamination and Sterilization Autoclaves, Cleanroom furniture is inlace. LAF, Passbox, Biosafety Cabinets are in place.

There is door interlocking, camera, access control systems in place.

Containment facility has Gas tight doors, Bag in Bag out system, Gas tight welded duct, Gas tight passbox. HVAC system is with 100% fresh air 100% air exhaust.