Bharat Biotech International Private Limited, Hyderabad: SARS-CoV-2 Large Scale BSL3 Vaccine Containment facility (WHO Emergency license received for manufacturing)

Large Scale BSL3 Vaccine containment which exceeds BSL3 lab scale requirements, having 3 level facility with underground basement with Concrete cubicle. There is dedicated technical service floor above manufacturing facility.

Containment facility has negative pressure with cascaded change rooms, fumigation material airlocks.

HVAC system has 100% fresh air, 100% exhaust with heat recovery. Welded ducts used for exhaust air passing through Bag in Bag Out HEPA filtration systems. Personnel exiting from facility needs to shower out. Special Electrical systems suitable for BSL3 requirements are in place

Process tanks act as Primary barriers and closed loop manufacturing systems in place. The facility is used for manufacturing COVAXIN(SARS-CoV-2) and useful for the country during pandemic.